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We follow Jesus every day in all we do and all we say

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St Peter-in-Chains RC Infant School

We follow Jesus every day in all we do and all we say

Year 2 - Sycamore

Welcome to Sycamore Class!

Class teacher: Mrs. Peters





Religious Education


Religious Education is central to all that we do and collective worship and celebration are an essential part of this. Please pray with your children at home and help them learn the school prayers and the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Glory Be.


Our RE topics this half term are  Spread the Word and Rules


In Spread the Word the children will be learning about how Jesus promised his disciples that he would not leave them alone after he had gone back to His father. He said he would send them a helper - the Holy Spirit who would lead them and guide them and help them to remember and understand all the things that He had done and said.He also said that the Holy Spirit would teach them everything and help them to live good lives.

Please come to our Pentecost celebration in the church on June 7th at 9.15am.


Our topic this half term is

Barnaby Bear investigates

the World


This is a cross curricular topic and the children will be travelling the world with Barnaby Bear and learning all about the seven continents and five oceans, as well as locating the equator and the north and south pole. They will be learning about each continent and comparing the weather, climate and the landscape and looking at how this affects how people live.


As writers we will be exploring a variety of writing styles this half term. 
There will be a continued  focus on grammar and children using it in context, but also using the correct language e.g. noun, adjective, verb etc.,.
The children will be encouraged to use adjectives and ambitious vocabulary in their writing to gradually build up the length and quality of their writing.

There will also be an increased emphasis on the correct and consistent use of punctuation in all of their writing.
Spelling is very important and children will need to be able to spell an increasing range of words with accuracy and consistency.

Please look at the spelling list that was emailed to you at the beginning of the year in your Year 2 pack.


Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation

This half term the children will be learning all about how to use apostophes in contractions (2 words shortened to 1 word eg will not - won't) and to represent belonging eg Edie's unicorn.

They will also be continuing to work on using conjunctions (a word that joins two or more phrases together e.g. but, so, because, however) effectively and accurately in their writing.


Work will also continue on the the four different types of sentences that there are: statements, questions, commands and exclamations.


We will be revising adjectives, nouns and verbs.

Adjectives give us more information about nouns. For example; A tall, elegant giraffe.


Nouns are used to name people, places or things


Common nouns name people or things in general.


Proper nouns give the name of a specific person, place or thing. They always begin with a capital letter.


Verbs name an action or a state of being.


The children will also be learning about tenses (the time of an action or a state of being as shown by a verb), specifically the present tense and the past tense.




Throughout the week the children will read in a variety of forms. They will read as a class daily and in a group at least once a week. They will also be heard read individually each week. We will be reading a range of texts - fiction, non-fiction and poetry. They will use their knowledge to work out, predict and check the meanings of unfamiliar words and to make sense of what they have read. Reading is vitally important to their future success.


Please read with your child everyday and write in their reading diary.


' The more that you read,

The more you things you will know.

The more that you learn

The more places you will go.' Dr. Seuss


In our phonics sessions we will be working on Phase 6. We will be learning how to add suffixes, for example, ed, ing, ly, ful and the rules that apply to them.
The children will have a ‘spelling quiz’ on Friday.



This half term the children will continue to work on multiplication and division. We will look at different strategies, such as arrays and knowledge of inverses, to work out answers. They will continue to develop their knowledge of addition and subtraction and show their working out using blank number lines, partitioning and recombining and using pictorial representations.  The children will continue to develop their problem solving skills, using mathematical vocabulary to explain their answers. They will continue to work on fractions in shapes and numbers, develop their understanding of shapes and their properties and work on statistics.

As scientists, the children will be exploring the uses of materials. They will be carrying out their own experiments developing scientific skills of observing, predicting, measuring, fair testing and recording in a variety of ways. We will be exploring different materials and their properties, thinking about why materials are chosen for the jobs that they perform. 

Children will be using bee bots and computer programs to develop their coding skills.


As historians we will be getting our detective hats on & using different sources of information to learn all about Florence Nightingale and the important work she did to change how people were cared for in hospitals. If we are really lucky Florence may come back and visit us from the past. We will also look at the life and work of Mary Seacole and her experiences as a nurse.
The children will develop their use of historical vocabulary.

Art and Design 
The children will explore the use of different materials in art. We will use a variety of materials to create collages and think about how to use pencils to create texture and shade in our drawings.

In music the children will play musical instruments and create musical patterns. They will use their voices expressively by singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes.

This half term our focus is dance.



The children will be given Literacy and Maths homework on a Friday to be returned on Monday. The homework will reinforce the skills that they have been working on during the week.


Writing journals
These are for children to write in as and when they please. They can choose the subject of their writing – whatever they find inspiring. On certain occasions homework will be set to write a specific piece in their journals. Writing journals are expected in on a Tuesday. 

Curriculum Meeting