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St Peter-in-Chains RC Infant School

We follow Jesus every day in all we do and all we say

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St Peter-in-Chains RC Infant School

We follow Jesus every day in all we do and all we say

Year 1 - Ash

Welcome to Ash Class

Class teacher: Miss White




I hope you all had a lovely relaxing break and are looking forward to another exciting half term ahead!


Religious Education

Religious Education is central to all that we do and Collective worship and celebration are an essential part of this. Please pray with your children at home and help them learn the school prayers and the Our Father.

In RE the three topics that will be taught this term; Being Sorry and Neighbours. In our Being Sorry topic we will be thinking about how God helps us choose well and express sorrow for wrong choices. We will also be retelling and dramatising biblical stories about Levi and Zacchaeus. We will then be focussing on Neighbours and how everyone is our neighbour and loved by God.



This half term our topic is

Barnaby Bear Visits the UK


This is a cross curricular theme and will be explored through all areas of learning.



As readers, the children will be doing lots of reading as a class, in a group and individually. This half term they will be reading a variety of non-fiction texts and answering questions about them. The children will continue to read lots of new words on sight and use their phonic knowledge to sound out new words. They will be encouraged to develop their comprehension skills by retelling / discussing texts they have read, predicting what might happen in a story and begin to make inferences on the basis of what is being said and done.



As writers we will be writing exciting stories about adventures in the United Kingdom. We will be writing reports and information texts.


Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation

We will continue doing lots of work on using interesting vocabulary (adjectives) and also adding conjunctions (e.g. and, so, because) in our work to extend our sentences. We will also be looking at using some different openers in our writing to add effect and sequence our ideas.
We will continue to us full stops and begin looking at different punctuation such as speech marks (“”) explanations marks (!) and question marks (?).



We will be continuing with Phase 5 and the children will continue to apply what they have learnt in Phases 2-4. Phase 5 will be looking at different ways of spelling the same sound (eg. ay in day and ai in snail) as well as different ways of pronouncing the same spelling of sounds (eg. ie in fried and ie in thief). Please keep practising the sounds that are sent home.

Spelling books will be handed out every Monday and should be returned on the Friday for the spelling quiz. Please practise the sounds listed in your child’s spelling book.



As mathematicians we will be adding two 2-digit numbers together using our knowledge of partitioning into tens and ones. We will also focus on repeated addition and sharing as a starting point into multiplication and division. The children will continue to solve problems involving addition and subtraction and will be encouraged to articulate their methods.


Art and Design

As artists and designers we will be designing and making our own moveable Barnaby Bear model. We will learn how to use tools like a scissors and decorate him using a range of materials.



As computer experts we will begin learning about handling data. We will be producing charts and graphs using computer programmes.



As athletes we will be focussing on developing our skipping and bat and ball skills. We will also develop our partner work and work together to skilfully cooperate in team games.



As geographers we will be learning about the four countries in the United Kingdom and their capital cities. We will also be learning about the differences between a town and a city.



The children will have music every week with Mrs Hoskins. They will learn how to use their voices creatively and expressively by singing a variety of topic related songs and they will have opportunities to play instruments musically.



We look forward to the last exciting half term ahead. Please do not hesitate to make an appointment after school to see me if you have any queries