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St Peter-in-Chains RC Infant School

We follow Jesus every day in all we do and all we say

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St Peter-in-Chains RC Infant School

We follow Jesus every day in all we do and all we say

Duck Diary Day 1 The eggs have arrived !!!

Today Farmer Ted's daughter Poppy delivered our lovely duck eggs. We have 6 eggs in an incubator and she set up the brooder as well. The ducklings will be put in the brooder about 2 hours after they have hatched as long as they are dry and fluffy.

We were very excited to see the eggs and already have seen that 2 of the eggs have little cracks appearing, maybe tomorrow we will see our first ducklings hatch. 
Please remember you can watch our eggs live after school...and all night using the link we sent via text today..ENJOY

Day 2
No ducklings hatched today...we have noticed some more peck holes and small cracks within the eggshell. We cannot wait to see our ducklings, maybe tomorrow?

Day 3
This morning the peck holes seemed a little bigger then throughout the day one egg developed a hole and we could see a beak, some feathers and some of the children even said they saw an eye. The duckling was busy all day trying to get out of the egg and we were so so SO lucky that just at home time it managed to get right out of the egg. It was FANTASTIC to watch, lots of parents and some children from other classes came to see our first duckling. It will dry off in the incubator overnight and hopefully be joined tomorrow by some more.

Day 4
This morning we have one duckling in the brooder, we have named him Pip because he is making so much noise calling to us. Two of the other eggs have holes in them and we watched the ducklings all day trying to get out. The finally hatched just before home time.

Day 5
Over night all the eggs have hatched, we have 5 ducklings in the brooder and the last one is drying off in the incubator, we have chosen names for them all Pip, Sunshine, Quacky, Nutmeg, Cheepy and Fluffy. We have enjoyed watching and listening to them all day. They are going home with Miss Robertson for the weekend. Quack-cam will return next week!!

Day 6/7
The ducks spent the weekend with Miss Robertson, they begun to explore a little and had a little adventure in the garden discover that grass tastes yummy for ducks!

Day 8
We could not believe how much the ducks had grown, we put them on our tables while we made some collage pictures, you can see them on the wall in  class near the home corner.

Day 9
The ducks had a lovely day swimming in our water tray...they are really good swimmers already at only one week old.

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