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St Peter-in-Chains RC Infant School

We follow Jesus every day in all we do and all we say

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St Peter-in-Chains RC Infant School

We follow Jesus every day in all we do and all we say

Year 2 - Sycamore

Welcome to Sycamore Class!

Class teacher: Mrs. Peters



Religious Education

Religious Education is central to all that we do and Collective worship and celebration are an essential part of this. Please pray with your children at home and help them learn the school prayers and the Our Father.


This last half term they will be looking at two topics: Rules and Treasures as well as looking at Islam to develop their understanding of world faiths.





Our topic this half term is


            Trading places

Would you like to live in a small village in another country in another continent?

You will be finding out all about life in a small Ghanaian Village and seeing how it is the same and how it is different to yours.

Come on a journey and explore what it is like to live in Africa. You will learn all about Ghanaian traditions and customs, including their music and art.

Grammar: The children will be consolidating their knowledge of past , present and future tenses.
They will further develop their knowledge of four types of sentences:
QUESTION, COMMAND, EXCLAMATION AND STATEMENT and use a variety of these in their writing.
They should also be able to use shortened form of many words like cannot can't; do not don't; I am I'm and know where to put the apostrophe.

Punctuation: the children should be able to punctuate all written work with full stops, question marks, exclamation marks and use commas (in a list) consistently. THIS IS ESSENTIAL.
They will continue to refine and use their knowlegde of adjectives, verbs and nouns.

Throughout the week the children will read as a class, individually and in groups. They will be reading a range of texts - fiction, non-fiction and poetry. They will use their knowledge to work out, predict and check the meanings of unfamiliar words and to make sense of what they have read. We will be working on developing the children's comprehension skills and showing them how to go beyond the literal and deduce meaning from a text. It would be great if you could support this level of questioning at home. Please ask if you need any help with this. 


Children will continue working on problem solving using the four operations. They will be putting their knowledge of different strategies, for example blank number lines and partitioning and recombining, into practice choosing which strategy is the most appropriate to solve a problem.  The children will be encouraged to verbally explain how they got their answers.
They will also be solving problems with money, time and other measures.
They will be able to sort 3D shapes and describe some of their features, e.g. edges, vertices and faces.
They will be also learning the vocabulary related to length, mass and capacity and measure using standard units; metres, centimetres, kilograms and litres.


As scientists the children will be learning all about life cycles and observing some at first. They will be developing their scientific skills through observation, describing and explaining. They will also revisit habitats in the school grounds and see how they change over time. They will also visit Suntrap an environmental centre in Epping Forest.


 Children will be making a presentation on PowerPoint about Ghana.

Art and Design 
As artists the children will be looking at African Art and painting their very own African Mask.  They will also be designing and recreating on paper their own Kente cloth.

 In music the children will play musical instruments and create musical patterns. They will use their voices expressively by singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes.

This half term we will be focusing on country dancing. The children will learn how to keep in time with the music, creating their own actions and movements.

Curriculum Meeting