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St Peter-in-Chains RC Infant School

We follow Jesus every day in all we do and all we say

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St Peter-in-Chains RC Infant School

We follow Jesus every day in all we do and all we say

Year 2 - Lime

Welcome to Lime Class

Class teacher: Mr. Sewell



Religious Education

Religious Education is central to all that we do and Collective worship and celebration are an essential part of this. Please pray with your children at home and help them learn the school prayers and the Our Father. In this month of May please remember Mary our Mother and learn her special prayer, the Hail Mary.


Our RE topics this half term are  Spread the Word and Rules


In Spread the Word the children will be learning about how Jesus promised his disciples that he would not leave them alone after he had gone back to His father. He said he would send them a helper - the Holy Spirit who would lead them and guide them and help them to remember and understand all the things that He had done and said.He also said that the Holy Spirit would teach them everything and help them to live good lives.

Please come to our Pentecost celebration in the church on May 18th at 11am.


Lee  learn 

                       Our topic this half term is:

    Barnaby Bear investigates the World


This is a cross curricular topic and the children will be travelling the world with Barnaby Bear and learning all about the seven continents and five oceans, as well as locating the equator and the north and south pole.They will be learning about each continent and comparing the weather, climate and the landscape and looking at how this affects how people live.


Throughout the week the children will read as a class, in groups and individually. They will  read a range of texts - fiction, non-fiction and poetry. They will use their knowledge to work out, predict and check the meanings of unfamiliar words and to make sense of what they have read. We will be working on developing the children's comprehension skills and showing them how to go beyond the literal and deduce meaning from a text. It would be great if you could support this level of questioning at home. Please ask if you need any help with this. 


The children will be exploring a variety of writing styles this half term. They will be encouraged to use adjectives and conjunctions in their writing, as well as thinking about exciting ways to open a sentence by using words that end in ly (slowly, hastily, suddenly) or ing (crawling, slithering, staring).  


Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation

In grammar the children will continue to work on the four different types of sentence;





They will continue to refine and use their knowlegde of adjectives, verbs and nouns.


They will also develop their use of punctuation and they should be really proficient at using full stops and question marks now and should begin to use commas in a list and exclamation marks. Please note they will be looking specifically at how sentences that have an exclamation mark usually begin with what or how.



In our phonics sessions we  will be continuing with Phase 6. We will be learning about suffixes and prefixes as well as homophones (words which sound the same, but have a different meaning and spelling eg pair, pear; sea, see; stair, stare.
The children will have a ‘spelling quiz’ on Friday.

In numeracy, the children will be developing their knowledge of  place value and applying it to addition and subtraction. They will be learning different methods to solve addition and subtraction problems such as blank number lines and partitioning and recombining.  They will also be learning about multiplication and division and different ways of working out the answer. In addition the children will be learning about fractions, halving and doubling.
They will learn the names for common 2D and 3D shapes and should be able to sort them and describe some of their features, e.g. number of sides, corners, edges and faces.
They will be also learning the vocabulary related to time, length,and measure using standard units; minutes, hours, centimetres and metres

In science the children will be developing their scientific thinking through a really exciting topic on habitats and micro habitats. They will be exploring the different habitats around school and looking at plants and animals found there. They will observe how living things depend on each other, for example plants serving as a source of food and shelter for animals. They will also be making simple food chains.



Purple Mash and Clicker 7 are available to the children at home via their given passwords.

Art and Design 
The children will be designing and making their own habitat with moving animals. They will be exploring and making different levers, using tools such as a bradawl, scissors and split pins.
More information to follow.

This half term our PE focus is Country Dancing