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St Peter-in-Chains RC Infant School

We follow Jesus every day in all we do and all we say

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St Peter-in-Chains RC Infant School

We follow Jesus every day in all we do and all we say

Reception - Oak

                                   Oak class

                      Miss Robertson & Mrs Murrell

Welcome back to school we hope you had a great half term holiday and are now ready for another exciting few weeks ahead!

Our Religious Education topics this half term are Welcoming and Birthdays. The children will be visiting the church to baptise our class 'baby'. I am sure you will hear lots about this and watch out for photos that will be posted on this page. We will celebrate Christmas with a whole school Christmas play which you and your family are welcome to attend on Thursday 14th December.


Our topic for this half term is Exploring Colour. We will be doing lots of fun and creative activities linked to colour themes. We will focus on a different colour every week or so and invite the children to bring things from home to add to our interest table.

All the children will be encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas with their classmates and be supported to speak in full sentences, using as much interesting vocabulary as they can. Our talk topics for this half term are :- Remembrance day, Children in need, Anti-bullying, Advent, Children's choice and The meaning of Christmas.

We do fun phonics activities everyday and there are links at the bottom of the page if you would like some ideas of what you could do at home. We are continuing work on phase two activities there is a link at the bottom of this page if you would like to read more information about the sequence of letters and how they are taught. We will introduce a series of letters each week, you can check the sounds of the week on the phonics board on the cupboard door. We will also put a note in the reading diary book of the sounds of the week and a list of words to practice reading and writing with your children. If your child finds writing letters hard then you can make the words using magnetic letters which I know many people have on their fridges!!! We will be encouraging the children to blend sounds together to read consonant vowel consonant (CVC) and vowel consonant (VC) words.

We do shared reading everyday from a big book and the children will focus on key words. We have started individual reading sessions sharing a book and talking about the characters, sequence of events and details in the pictures Please remember that when you read at home to write a comment in the reading diary so that it is a true record of all the reading your child is doing at home and at school. This half term our three big books are:- The Jigaree, The Monster's Party and Smarty Pants. The children will be given more words in their word pack in the book bags key words from these books as well as some other tricky words to practise at home with you.

The children will be given lots of opportunities to write and draw and we will encourage them to form all the letters correctly. Please refer to the pre-school booklet you were given if you want to help your children with letter formation. Those who are not quite ready for writing will practise writing skills in a variety of media. As we continue phase two of our phonics programme we will be encouraging the children to segment sounds in words in order to attempt independent spelling and writing.

We will focus on a different letters for handwriting practise as we learn the sounds that letters make, there is a list of ditties or rhymes that help the children remember how to form each letter correctly in their reading record book each week.

We will be doing daily problem solving, reasoning and numeracy activities, encouraging the children to recognise, say and use numbers in the correct order. Copy and make their own repeating patterns. Making sets of different objects and discuss the methods they have used. We will begin to explore and talk about 2D shapes and their properties. Please use any opportunity to reinforce number recognition, counting and basic practical adding and taking away.


In ICT the children have been doing lots of fun activities to support their literacy and numeracy skills as well as creative work. We will continue and extend this for the rest of the term.



We try to cook once a week, mostly on Fridays and would appreciate a weekly contribution of 20p to go towards covering the cost of ingredients. This can be placed in 'the world' money box on the windowsil next to the book corner. We hope you will enjoy our original oak class recipes as they are added to the bottom of this page.

The children are provided with a piece of fresh fruit as a midmorning snack. Please help us to encourage them to eat this. Also we like children to have constant access to water. On their first day at school your child was given a water bottle to keep in class, please refill this daily and make sure they remember to bring it to school. If this bottle is lost or broken please replace it with your own bottle that your child can open and close themselves.

From this half term we love parents/friends helpers in school. All you have to do is fill in a basic police check form and receive clearance. Please see a member of staff if you are interested. If you have already done this please let us know when you are free to come in and help. There are also many jobs that can be done at home if you are unavailable during the school day, we always appreciate your help.

You are welcome to pop in after school or ring to arrange an appointment if you have any questions or issues you wish to discuss with us. Please do not worry about things at home....come in and have a chat!



Dates for your diary;

Monday 30th October- Staff inset day

Monday 6th November Parent- teacher consultations 4.30pm -7.30pm

Tuesday 14th November –School photos

Wednesday 15th November Parent-teacher consultations 9.00am -12.00

Thursday 14th December Christmas play 2.00pm

Tuesday 19th December Christmas lunch

Thursday 21st December- School closes 2.00pm

Wednesday 3rd January –School begins

Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!

We took baby Tom to church to be baptised. Can you remember who you were at the baptism?

Harvest fun...we had great fun dressing up in bright colours and raising money for Cafod. Oak class did very well raising a fantastic £170. The whole school raised over £800 which will brighten up a lot of lives around the world. Here are some pictures of our fun day....

First school lunch in the in the hall...yummy

First school lunch in the in the hall...yummy 1
First school lunch in the in the hall...yummy 2
First school lunch in the in the hall...yummy 3
First school lunch in the in the hall...yummy 4
First school lunch in the in the hall...yummy 5
First school lunch in the in the hall...yummy 6
First school lunch in the in the hall...yummy 7
First school lunch in the in the hall...yummy 8
First school lunch in the in the hall...yummy 9